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Gluetraps.co.uk specialises in the sale of only the best quality, professional standard glue traps for mice and rats, together with a range of other carefully selected rodent control products, all of which are now available for both the amateur and professional markets.

Rat glue traps and mouse glue traps are often also referred to as sticky mouse traps, sticky boards, glue boards and mouse glue pads. They provide a highly effective method of rodent control but should only be used as a last resort.

Rat glue traps and mouse sticky traps are ideal for use in food premises, such as processing factories, bakeries, restaurants, takeaways, and difficult residential situations where either rat poison / mouse poison may be impractical, or where an alternative food source is hampering control.

Which Glue Traps / Sticky Boards Should I Buy?

There are many glue traps available on the market - they vary slightly in price but massively in terms of quality and effectiveness.

Many glue boards available on the internet are cheap quality imports from China. Our experience has shown us that these Chinese glue traps for mice are often made with a very poor quality adhesive, not strong enough to successfully trap a mouse, and the glue traps for rats are normally produced on a thin paper card, again being too flimsy to achieve successful trapping.

The glue traps / sticky traps that we sell are only the best quality, and while many may claim it, the ones that we sell are genuinely the very same ones as used by professional pest control operators.

Our Rat Glue Traps:

Unlike most rat glue traps on the market, ours are produced on a strong, solid plasticised board which folds open like a book. In terms of size they measure 34 x 22cm and have an extra strong adhesive. For more detailed sticky board information and to choose your appropriate pack size, please click on the 'Glue Traps For Rats' at the top left of the page.

Our Mouse Glue Traps:

The mouse glue traps that we supply are again made to professional standard, unlike inferior, Chinese imports, ours are all manufactured in the USA. Made with an extra strong adhesive, and measuring 22 x 14cm, they are also larger than most on the market.  

Please Note: While glue traps provide a highly effective method of  rodent control, they should only be used as a last resort, when traditional traps or baits have failed. Furthermore, we would like to point out that anyone buying glue traps must comply with the details within the 'Glue Trap Guidelines' section of our website. If for some reason you cannot do this, then please purchase a suitable alternative from within either the 'Glue Traps Mice' or 'Glue Traps For Rats' categories.  

Please click on the appropriate category from the top left for further information and to see a full range of Glue Traps for Rats or Glue Traps for Mice.

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