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Formula 'B' Rat Killer Poison 1.5kg (15 x 100g)

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Formula 'B' Rat Poison is a professional-standard rodenticide and should not be compared with the many poor quality, rat poisons available on the internet.

Formula 'B' Rat Poison is produced here in the UK using only grade 'A' quality grain. It also contains Brodifacoum at the maximum professional strength and is probably the widest used formulation within the professional sector. Formula 'B' rat poison has proven to consistently deliver excellent results in both indoor and outdoor situations.

Formula 'B' rat poison should always be used with care. Please take all steps to ensure that it is made inaccessible to pets, children, and any other wildlife / non-target species. For safety and security, please use together with our lockable heavy-duty rat bait stations, (see related products below).

Contains Brodifacoum at 0.0029% w/w

Authorisation No: UK-2017-1051-0002

Use Biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Now supplied in 15 x 100g easy-to-use measured sachets, enabling precise baiting for improved control. Pack contents: 15 x 100g


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