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Glue Traps For Mice / Sticky Mouse Traps, (Pack of 72)

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Glue Traps For Mice / Sticky Mouse Traps provide a fast, and extremely effective method of mouse control. These high quality glue boards are the same as those most widely used within the UK's pest control industry.

Produced to professional standards and with an extra strong adhesive, these mouse glue traps should not be confused with cheap, Chinese imports, which often fail to trap mice, and turn out to be a complete waste of money!

Our glue traps for mice are larger than most at 22 x 14cm, and have recently been developed to incorporate a unique sweet smelling attractant within the extra strong glue. This combination of factors means that they are now delivering higher catch rates, and even better results!

Glue traps for mice / mouse sticky traps are ideal for use in food premises, such as processing factories, bakeries, restaurants, takeaways, and even difficult residential situations where either mouse poison may be impractical, or where an alternative food source is hampering control.


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