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Pest Expert PEMGB24PK, Mouse Glue Traps / Mouse Glue Boards, (Pack 24)

Our Price: £12.45 excl. VAT
Our Price: £14.94 inc. VAT

Glue Traps For Mice / Sticky Mouse Traps provide a fast, and extremely effective method of mouse control. These high quality glue boards are the same as those most widely used within the UK's pest control industry.

Produced to professional standards and with an extra strong adhesive, these mouse glue traps should not be confused with cheap, Chinese imports, which often fail to trap mice, and turn out to be a complete waste of money!

Our glue traps for mice are larger than most at 22 x 14cm, and have recently been developed to incorporate a unique sweet smelling attractant within the extra strong glue. This combination of factors means that they are now delivering higher catch rates, and even better results!

Glue traps for mice / mouse sticky traps are ideal for use in food premises, such as processing factories, bakeries, restaurants, takeaways, and even difficult residential situations where either mouse poison may be impractical, or where an alternative food source is hampering control.

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Customer Reviews

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Chris-Chester-5 Stars

Great service. Product arrived promptly, as promised.

More importantly, these products really do work! Having tried bait and traps, the glue traps worked immediately, I caught 5 mice on the first night alone.

Mr S Rodgers-Rainham-5 Stars

Received the traps quickly, they worked perfectly, easy to dispose of, no mess, mice were gone totally within 2 weeks!

Mike-London-5 Stars

Nothing worked so thought i would try this. After 2 nights, the 2 clever mice were caught. Now i can sleep in peace. Next time i'll just buy this straight away instead of wasting money.

Chris-Barnet-5 Stars

Great service. Product arrived promptly, as promised. More importantly, these products really do work!

Simon Rodgers-Rainham-5 Stars

Good products. Received the traps quickly, after slow effect, they worked perfectly, easy to dispose of, no mess, mice were gone totally within 2 weeks.

Vira-London-4 Stars

Very Good

They are very useful for what he need them for

Serena-Shropshire-5 Stars

speedy service

mouse caught within 5 hours of placing down the paper - great

Wesley-Dagenham-5 Stars

life saver normal traps didnt seem 2 work stick with the glue

Very very happy with the product,caught loads of mice with the glue trap

Robert-Longfield, Kent-5 Stars

Easy to order, efficient and well informed dispatch.

Not used product yet but they appear to be of very good quality.

David-Newton Abbott-5 Stars

Quick, easy and caught a mouse!

Having had no luck catching mice the traditional way, I googled for glue traps, and came up with gluetraps.co.uk. Traps were about the same price as other forms of trap, and were delivered quickly. I was texted along the way with updates, and given the option to specify a safe place. The first night I put the traps down, I caught a mouse, so on that basis alone they are better than the other sort I've been using! The traps are less dangerous to kids too, which is essential as we have a 2 year-old. Good service, good price, and they work! Can't complain.

John-Leeds-5 Stars

Fast delivery, excellent products

We looked at the website, chose two products to deal with catching a rogue mouse in our house. It did the job within the first day. No problems!

Rachel-Hampshire-5 Stars

Great service from start to finish

Product is excellent and great value. Delivery was fast and excellent communication and updates on order.

Stuart-Wallesey, Merseyside-5 Stars

Excellent service and gluetraps worked where other traps had failed.

I can recommend gluetraps and they worked where other types of traps had failed.

Peter-Manchester-5 Stars

Excellent all round service.

I ordered some glue boards as a last resort as we had tried everything else. They arrived very quickly and were quite a reasonable price and excellent quality. As a bonus they worked and now we don't have a problem with mice. Thanks for solving a really bad problem.

Alex-Sherborne-5 Stars

best thing since sliced bread

Better than bait as you know what you are dealing with as they can't runaway

Kavitha-Berkshire-5 Stars

Safest way to Get rid of Mice/Rat ;Released the Rat with some oil

Hi, Purchased the Glue Trap (after preparing myself to kill the Little Creature). Surprisingly on the very 1st night one rat got trapped...! took the glue trap to the woods with the rat and poured little Oil (probably 30 to 40 ml) all over its body including on the tail part with the hope that it will get detached from the Sticky board. Yes.. Easily it got Detached from the Board less than 20 to 30 seconds...! Felt so Happy for Saving the Little thing.

Rory-Westmeath, Ireland-5 Stars

Super Service

This is our second year of purchasing from GlueTraps. We recieved our package to Ireland within 3 days of placing the order and also recieved emails of order & dispatch status. Top Quality Outstanding service. Highly Recommend. I wish more companies were as good as these guys.

Robert-Edinburgh-4 Stars

Extremely efficient service

One of the easiest internet sites to use, providing excellent service.

Mr. Stephen Harris-Birmingham-5 Stars

Great service

I have trouble with mice in my garage tried poison and snap taps no luck using these glue traps 2 days got 3 mice already

Jayson-Kent-5 Stars

Great Service

Prompt status updates, items shipped via a reliable courier and the traps i ordered worked perfectly, started catching mice within 2 hours of placing them

Joan-London-5 Stars

delivered quickly caught the little blighters even quicker

Ordered delivered and caught all within a week yes!!!!!!!!

Gerald-London-5 Stars

Ordered online & the goods were sent without delay.

I had a small problem with mice so I looked into how to catch them. I ordered the adhesive strips which came promptly and have worked a dream catching 4 mice so far.

Paula-Welwyn Garden City-5 Stars

quick delivery. reasonable price.

Website easy to use for a novice. There are clear guidelines how to use the products properly on web page. I have put 2 down in the shed but nothing in 3 days yet. Haven't researched what time of year the mice are likely to be there yet. Have caught some wood lice though.

Mr. John Hirst-London-5 Stars


These are superb did not fold in a triangle just left flat on the floor first night got 2 mice then went on holiday for 10 nights when I returned I had another 4 mice in house and 6 garage good product

Elkouby-London-5 Stars

More than happy - great results

I don't have much to say as i hated the subject in question but it was 100% from 1st trial, all sorted in one night. Thank you !

Jacqueline-Blackpool-5 Stars

The mice weren't always eating the poison, even when I mixed it with drinking chocolate so in desparation, I went for glue traps. Have only caught one mouse, but I think that's because I found where they were coming in and stuffed the hole with wire wool. Haven't seen any sign of any for a week, hoping they're gone, but I know the traps will get them if they do come in. (Traps in bathroom, where they were coming in, which has a towel rammed in under the door, so any trapped mice would be seen and killed fast). But fingers crossed, now to try to get them out of the garden... Delivery wise, superfast, with a time and tracking which showed how far away package was.

Caroline-London-5 Stars

excellent service, would definitely return.

Beattie-Penzance-5 Stars

Exactly what we were looking for with speedy delivery

Very quick delivery, exactly what we were looking for. I can't comment on the actual glue traps because we managed to catch the mouse that the cat brought in just before they arrived. At least we are now prepared for the next time it happens!

VSig-London-5 Stars

Excellent product, communication, service and delivery. Highly recommended

Richard-Southend-5 Stars

First class product and service

Would highly recommend

Ian M-Redhill, Surrey-4 Stars

Used this company before and would use again

This is the second time I have used this company for gluetraps, they are reasonably priced and do the required job.

Leigh-Southend-5 Stars

Sticky problem

I found the sitcky pads really easy to set up and exstreamly sticky so dont get your fingers on there. I caught i mouse at the first attempt and there was no way that rodent was getting unstuck. Fortunately my hero of a boyfriend dealt with the still alive mouse and swiftly murdered him.

Phil Bateson-Bradford-5 Stars

Gluetraps _ the Amazing product THAT ACTUALLY WORKS

For months and months I have been plagued by mouse droppings , smells, and damaged products in my cupboards and under the sink. I spent a lot of money working my way through all of the standard Mouse traps and Mouse poisons _ to no avail. Nothing worked. I was giving up all hope of ridding my home of this infestation. I received my order of glueboards/traps very fast and put a few glueboards down where I had seen mouse droppings. Within a matter of hours I caught the first mouse. A few hours later another 3 mice had been caught. My problem is now solved _ all 4 mice caught before going to bed and I have had no sign of any mice since (over a week). Wow. I have never seen anything like it. Philip Bateson

Daniel-London-5 Stars

Really good service, and great product

Purchased a few glue traps as the good old fashioned snap traps had not caught any mice, I ordered them and they were swiftly delivered the next day.

Katie-Wigan-5 Stars

Do exactly what they say they do on the box.

The glue mouse traps worked perfectly. It is extremely strong glue no mouse could get unstuck once on. I would recommend t these to anyone with a mouse problem. Thankyou

Chandra-Beckenham, Kent-5 Stars

excellent service

very good service and excellent communication. have not caught any buggers yet. Garage is clean so far

Valerie-Manchester-5 Stars

After wasting money on other mice catching products, I bought these, mice caught after first night out, worth every penny. Thanks

V-London-5 Stars

Amazing!!! Me Mouse ... 1 0 :))

Thank you guys!

Aycan-Manchester-5 Stars

Very effective

Zoe-Sheffield-5 Stars

Solved a 4 month problem in 1 night!

Very reluctant to use, but as the house is coverd in humane traps that have never caught anything and I was afraid to be in my own house it was the last resort.


speedy delivery too.

Sue-Liverpool-5 Stars

Really good i tried everything 2 catch just 1 mouse and couldnt so put gluetrap down and caught it with in 6 hours

Boris-Kent-5 Stars

Once I released I had a problem - it was bad. I ordered humane traps and posion but nothing helped. I put the glue traps down (only 6 sheets) thinking I had one or 2. It caught 5 within 4 hours !!! I poured them with veg oil and set them free a mile up the road in some fields. All around this is AMAZING!!!

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