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Rat Glue Boards / Rat Glue Traps / Sticky Boards (Pest Expert) 24 Pack

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Rat glue boards are sometimes also referred to as rat glue traps, or sticky rat traps. The type we supply are exactly the same as the ones most widely used within the UK's pest control industry. These should not be confused with the lightweight card variety, which tend to be too flimsy to trap even a small rat, regularly proving to be a complete waste of money!

Our rat glue traps are produced on a heavy duty plasticised board, which is then covered with an extra strong adhesive. Measuring 34 x 22cm, they are also considerably bigger than most on the market.

At gluetraps.co.uk we specialise in the supply of only professional standard, industrial strength glue traps to the pest control industry, commercial businesses, and domestic residential customers.

For larger, better value pack sizes, please click on the 'Glue Traps For Rats' tab towards the top left corner.


Customer Reviews

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Nicole Kent-Leicester-5 Stars

Glue Traps. They do the job, thank goodness as rats are SO bright and learn very quickly! I was practically over run with them until I got the glue traps!

Angela-London-5 Stars

My god, this really works. Very fast, the rats got glued.

Karmal-London-4 Stars

Good serves and good quality

It's a good glue trap

Richard-Hereford-5 Stars

Excellent service with an excellent result.

I would have no problem recommending this company or their product. They do exactly what they say on the tin.

Uri Remon-London-4 Stars

Fast delivery great products a little to expensive though

We use the rat glue traps to catch mice They really do work well, we tried other products which don't work

Barry Johnson-London-5 Stars

There's a moose loose,aboot this hoose.

The delivery and packaging of my glue traps was all that was desired,and I would recommend this Company on that criteria alone. Am waiting for the outside temperature to drop,when the beasties will surely appear,and I can assure anyone that these traps will do the job,----forget all the other products advertised,I know from experience that glue traps are the perfect solution.

Mark Anthony-Aberdeen-5 Stars

After the failure of two different types of peanut butter baited traps I decided to try glue traps as a last resort. My god they are effective - two overnight the first time I tried them and a further six over the next three weeks - don’t waste your time or money trying anything else !!!

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