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Rats (Alternative Products)

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Gluetraps.co.uk also offers a range of alternative rat control products. Although most of our pest control products are industrial standard, they are, for the most part, available to both the amateur and professional markets.

To see our full range of alternative rat control products, please see below.

These include rat poison, rat traps, rat repeller / rat repellents, humane rat cage traps.

Rat Poison 

Rat Poison varies considerably in terms of quality and effectiveness. Many pest control product companies on the internet would like you to think that all rat poisons are the same, but this is really not true. One of the most important factors in rat control, where rat bait is concerned, is the palatability, basically, the quality of the grain with which it is made.

There are many 'gimmicky' and cheap imported rat poisons available on the internet. Although these rat poisons may contain the same or similar active ingredients (usually Bromadiolone or Difenacoum), they are often made using a poor quality grain or have a high wax content added, which rats really don't like. These factors frequently result in rats refusing to eat the rat poison, and therefore a complete waste of money for the customer.

For this reason we only supply one type of rat bait, which is from brand leaders Rentokil. Rentokil have been formulating and testing the effectiveness of their mouse poison for many years. All of  the rodenticides that we stock are produced from a high-quality grain, with no added wax. For full details of these rat poisons, please see below. 

Rat Repellers / Rat Repellents

Rat Repellers, or Rat Repellents as they are also known, generally work in one of two different ways. Firstly, there are those that work purely on a ultrasonic basis. Once plugged in, the ultrasonic rat repeller will emit an ultrasonic frequency, which makes it very uncomfortable for rats to enter that particular room. However, ultrasonic rat repellers / rat repellents that work solely on this frequency will only have a limited effect, as they are unable to penetrate walls, floors or ceilings, where rats are often nesting.

They other type of rat repeller / rat repellent works with the standard ultrasonic frequencies, but also has the considerable added benefit of electromagnetic capabilities. The ultrasonic side works in the same way as described above, whereas the electromagnetic function works by safely creating an electromagnetic field or pulse through the wiring of the home, enabling it to reach the areas that matter most, under floors, within lofts, ceiling voids and walls.

This advanced dual-action rat repeller / rat repellent is the only type we choose to supply, due to its improved performance over the standard variety.  For more detailed information on this product please see below.

Please Note: Frequencies given off by rat repeller / rat repellents are not harmful or audible to humans, cats or dogs. However, they should not be used around rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters or any other rodent pets.

Rat Traps

In order to make the experience of choosing conventional rat traps less confusing for our customers, we simply offer a small number of what we believe to be the best on the market. For detailed information on the individual products, please see below.

Humane Rat Trap

Again, so as not to confuse the customer, we simply offer the best humane rat cage trap, which has been selected for its professional standard and effectiveness.

 Rat Poison | Rat Traps | Rat Repellent | Rat Repeller

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